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Root Canals in New Baltimore, Michigan

Stamp Out Future Infection With Our Help

It starts with cavities and soreness but ends somewhere way worse. Your tooth consists of a hard enamel shell that protects a bundle of nerves and flesh. If a cavity penetrates through the shell and infects this flesh, you have a big problem.

For one thing, the tooth will continue to hurt. Another big problem is that if the infection grows inside your tooth, it’s not going to stay put. It will spread through your gums to other teeth and even get into your bloodstream. You need to get it under control. Get an appointment with Carlino & Paton DDS PC today to find out if this is happening to you.

Rooting Out Dental Disease in Michigan

Fortunately for you, our dentists are experienced and capable to handle any infected tooth pulp. We can remove this infected tissue in an operation called a root canal. This will involve drilling into your tooth and removing the infection. Once your tooth has no more bad tissue, we’ll fill it in with sealant and sculpt it back into usable condition.

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You want the very best oral and dental options for your mouth. You use your mouth to interact with the rest of the world in a lot of crucial ways. To help you with this, our team always makes use of the latest in proven technologies and techniques. You can always expect the best dental services from our office.

Get Assistance From Our Professionals Now

Root canals are serious business. It’s a good thing that we’re the best at them in town. Consult with Carlino & Paton DDS PC today to find out if this is an operation you need.​