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Pediatric Dentist in New Baltimore, MI | Carlino & Paton DDS PC

Every Child Needs a Good Dentist

Every child deserves a good smile. It’s part of their childhood, and seeing their face light up makes you happy, too. Invest in this part of their lives by bringing them to our office. We’re friendly and capable of handling even the most energetic of youngsters.

Visit Carlino & Paton DDS PC today to see our charming staff in action. We want to give your family the best dental services available.​

Giving Each Smile the Right Start

Dental services become important from the very first moment of a tooth poking out of gums. You want that enamel to survive without needing expensive or painful treatments. This is especially the case for baby teeth, which will be falling out anyway. Your children can be cavity-free with our assistance and your parenting. Consult with us to plan the best way to secure the oral health of your children.​
Child Smiling


Proper oral health takes work. It will require dedication and lifestyle choices, but it is worth it. You can live without fear of cavities, root canals and other issues. Childhood is best enjoyed without these issues.

Give your entire family the chance of being cavity-free by visiting our office. We can give your family thorough dental cleanings and accurate fillings if they do have cavities, no matter their ages. Rely on our convenient and capable office.

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It’s important to have friends, especially ones that can keep your family healthy. Our dentists are equipped and experienced to keep your family’s teeth in good health. We’re compassionate to children of all ages, and we’re eager to see them smile their best.
Come and visit us at Carlino & Paton DDS PC today. We’d like to be friends with you and your family and help all of you enjoy optimal dental health.​