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Oral Surgery in New Baltimore, Michigan

Correct Your Mouth With Surgical Precision

For those instances where normal services don’t cut it, our superb team offers surgery options. If a tooth needs to be pulled or a dental implant installed, we can do it in our office. Instead of visiting half a dozen different specialists, visit Carlino and Paton DDS PC today. We’ll help you determine which procedures will help you.

Providing excellent Surgery to Our Community

Turning to the right professionals matters, especially when it comes to surgery. You want to know that the surgeons behind the operation know what they’re doing. Fortunately for you, our dentists have helped their patients secure better health for decades. They are licensed and certified to handle your dental and oral surgery needs.​
White Teeth


We provide a number of different surgery options to New Baltimore residents. We can place dental implants in your mouth to facilitate better veneers and replacements. Everything from routine fillings to extensive crowns and root canals is covered by our expertise. You can have confidence in our relaxing gas and anesthetics. You will be comfortable while we work in your mouth.

Consult With Our Dentists Today

While the idea sounds daunting, you might find that oral surgery is the best choice for your mouth. It can help cure conditions and chronic problems as few other solutions can.
Visit with our dentists today to find out whether or not oral surgery is the right choice for you. We can give you a thorough diagnosis and offer recommendations based on years of experience.​