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Implant Dentistry Services in New Baltimore, Michigan

Give Your Replacements the Anchors They Need

You might have broken or missing teeth. This happens over the course of a lifetime, and sometimes there’s not much to prevent it. However, just because you have dental issues doesn’t mean they lack a solution.

Consult with Carlino & Paton DDS PC to figure out if replacement teeth are the right choice for you. If they are, then you will want dental implants to ensure the best possible outcome for your new teeth.

Have Confidence in Our Dental Experts Today

Dental implants require careful planning and installation. This means oral surgery. Implants consist of small metal anchors which are installed in your jawbone. These jut out of your gums, providing a secure mount for your replacement teeth.​
Implant denture

Better Oral Health for You

Your teeth matter, including the ones you install later in life. Dental implants provide a surefire way to give your replacement teeth better staying power. Instead of cementing the replacement tooth to your jawbone and hoping that it sticks, our implants do more. They actually provide a secure and powerful protection against stress or strain. Metal foundations for your teeth are much stronger in the long-term.

Enjoy Your New Teeth With Confidence

It’s understandable if you hesitate at the idea of dental implants. We don’t usually like the idea of having plates or screws placed in our body. However, these metal anchors provide a way to secure your replacement teeth for decades. If you get these and care for your new teeth, you will likely not need to worry about them again.
Contact our team at Carlino & Paton DDS PC to negotiate about your need for implants. Our experts are generous with their advice and want the very best for you. We know that these can be beneficial for your replacement teeth. Find out today if they’re the right fit for you.​