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Dental Crowns and Bridges in New Baltimore, Michigan

Remodel Your Mouth With Our Experts

Your mouth can be a masterpiece. We’ve helped the most broken and worn smiles to become whole and beautiful again. If you think that your teeth are beyond our help, please consider our crown and bridge services. Carlino & Paton DDS PC has helped many people have perfect smiles, even after years without one.

You Can Still Have a Perfect Smile

This isn’t beyond you. With our assistance, you can restore your smile to optimal condition. You can have your teeth look exactly the way you’ve always wanted. Crowns and bridges are wonderfully flexible and customizable inventions. With them, you can mold your teeth and get the inserts that will give you a full smile once again.​
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Consider Your Dental Options Now

A crown consists of a porcelain, metal or ceramic tooth. This is placed on top of a filed-down tooth stump, creating a new tooth top. Your crown can be sculpted to fit the rest of your teeth perfectly. You won’t even know it’s there once it’s installed.

A bridge consists of a crown or two which support a replacement tooth. This is cemented in place over the top of a gap in your teeth and is shaped to fit flawlessly. The crowns anchor the replacement tooth in place. Your bridge will last the rest of your life, provided you care for it properly.​


Your smile matters. It’s not just about making good appearances. These procedures allow you to eat comfortably and capably, smile more and be happier. They prevent further tooth decay by cleaning and capping off broken teeth.
Our team at Carlino & Paton DDS PC wants to give your smile the best treatment available. Don’t settle for anything less than one of our superb crowns or bridges. We know that it will give you a new reason to smile more. Consult with us today to determine if this is the right solution for you.​