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4 Ways Dentures Improve Your Life

Happy Senior Woman
With proper dental care, tooth loss is not an inevitability. However, lifestyle, genetics, and accidents can result in the need for dentures.

Dentures come as either partial or complete. Partial dentures are for patients who have a few remaining teeth. The partial denture is anchored to the gums or remaining teeth to hold the bridge of the teeth in place.

Complete dentures replace all the teeth in the upper or lower arch. These dentures can be immediate, meaning placed immediately after removal, or conventional, meaning you heal before placement.

Regardless of the type you need, dentures can improve your quality of life. Below are some advantages of getting dentures.

1. Ability to Enjoy All Foods

As you know, the main function of teeth is to bite and chew food. When you are missing teeth, biting and chewing become more challenging. What's more, not having enough teeth available for these tasks, especially biting, puts undue stress on the remaining teeth. You're therefore in danger of damaging those teeth.

With dentures, you will be able to eat almost any solid food, although you may need to wait a couple of weeks after having the dentures placed before you go back to a normal diet.

2. Improvement of Speech

When you lose teeth, the gaps affect your speech. When you pronounce certain words, your tongue is supposed to interact with your teeth. For example, just pronouncing the word teeth requires you to brush your tongue across the bottoms of your top teeth. When those or other teeth are missing, you may mispronounce words or notice a whistling sound when you speak.

Dentures replace the missing teeth, thus providing one of the necessary tools for creating different sounds. Now, some patients experience difficulty in speaking with dentures at first, especially if they were without teeth for some time. You can practice making the sounds by reading aloud or singing along with your favorite song until you become more comfortable.

3. Enhancement of Appearance — and Confidence

You know the old adage — you should never judge a book by its cover. When it comes to your friends and family, their perception of you is unlikely to change based on the appearance of your smile. They just want you to smile. Even new acquaintances may be dazzled by your personality. However, the reality is that a healthy smile speaks volumes in an initial meeting.

Well-fitting dentures supplant your missing, broken, or otherwise deformed teeth. What's more, they replace said teeth with perfect replicas. An imperfect smile can affect not only your appearance but also your confidence. Many patients report feeling embarrassed because of their missing or deformed teeth. Dentures help conquer those feelings.

Dentures also affect another aspect of your appearance besides your smile. When you are missing teeth, your lips and cheeks can sink in. Such a look can age you significantly. Therefore, even when you're not smiling, dentures can improve your appearance.

4. Protection of Remaining Teeth

Dentures can help you even if you are only missing a couple of teeth. Perhaps you feel you have enough teeth on the top or bottom arch to chew and talk without significant restrictions. Unfortunately, when you have gaps in your teeth, the remaining teeth don't stay in place. Rather, the gaps encourage tooth movement.

Teeth stay in place when they're like passengers on a busy bus, sitting side by side. Too much space encourages them to drift. That situation may be comfortable on a bus, but it's not ideal for preserving your remaining teeth. Partial dentures solve this problem.

Don't put up with an imperfect smile. The experts at Mianecki & Carlino, DDS PC, can help you improve your smile with dentures. Call us today to learn more.